Friday, June 7, 2013

Super Sweet Blogging Award

Frozen OJ has nominated me for the Super Sweet Blogging Award!  How sweet ;)  Thank-you for thinking of me!!  (I honestly don't know where this award originated or what it's about exactly, but that's okay, right?) :)
Here are the rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the 5 super sweet questions.
  • Include the Super Sweet Blogging award image in the blog post.
  • Nominate a baker's dozen of other bloggers.
Super Sweet Questions:
  1. Cookies or cake?  I'm not a big fan of cake.  Except for ice-cream cake :)  And there's not a ton of cookies I like...but there are a few I love!  (Chunks Ahoy, homemade Schmaunt Kuake, homemade Chocolate Tom Thumbs)  So I'm going with cookies!
  2. Chocolate or vanilla?  Definitely chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  3. Favorite sweet treat? Um...chocolate? ;) 
  4. When do you crave sweet things the most?  PMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Sweet nickname?  Hubby calls me all sorts of sweet names :)  Don't know if this counts as a nickname, but I love hearing "Auntie" from my nieces.  But the sweetest name of all that I can't wait to be called is "Mommy" :')
And now the nominations:
  1.  Sabrina at Seeds of the Heart
  2.  Elleah at Moments to Cherish 
  3.  Lisa at WAHM In a Jam
  4.  Kara at Love, Matt and Kara
  5.  Karen at Our Adoption Faith Walk
  6.  Jaymi at Blatz Babble
  7.  Amy at Jim and Amy Hoping to Adopt
  8.  Christy at Waiting to Adopt
  9.  Ousoonerchick at One Day at a Time
  10.  Venessa at Unexpected Dreams
  11.  Suzy at Simply Suzy
  12.  Juanita at While We Were Waiting
  13.  Whitney at Our Adoption Story
 There's so many more I would've liked to nominate!


  1. Well I mean come on, sweet is in your blog title! I just about had to nominate you! Haha.

    I don't know much about the award either, to be honest.

  2. Aww, thanks for the nomination! How... sweet (lol, couldn't resist). And I love cookies too! Probably more than cake cause they're bite sized and easy to make! ;)


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