Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Blog Challenge Days 4 & 5

Oops, forgot to do this one yesterday:

4.  Favourite snack?

Well, I kinda already gave the answer, guacamole & corn chips, to this question in my last post, about my biggest indulgence.

So, today I'll go with chocolate. 

My favourite chocolate bar is Bueno.  I love the hazelnut filling and the thin wafer and milk chocolate. 

I also recently discovered I love chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, in particular the Coconut Chocolate Bombs and the Almond Joy Candy Apples.


And today's:

5.  Do you have any pets?

No :(

But both Hubby & I are huge cat lovers.  We moved into town in February of this year, and for the 7 or so years before that, when we lived in the country, we always had cats.  We had many outdoor cats & kittens that came and went, and when we knew we were going to be moving soon, we started finding homes for the remaining ones.  They now live at Hubby's parents' in the country, and we still get to see them sometimes.  We also had an inside cat for about 7 years (and during that for a couple years, a second indoor cat).  We loved him, but I knew that (a) once we moved into a new place, I wanted a fur-free, poop-free, vomit-free, litter-free home, and (b) I didn't want a cat with a baby.  So, after we could delay it no longer, we very reluctantly gave him to my brother & sis-in-law.  Now we love on him every time we go there (and I still call him my baby)!


  1. Mmm chocolate... don't tell anyone but I'm eating a reese's cup right now.

    I nominated you for a blogging award!


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