Monday, June 3, 2013

June Blog Challenge Day 3: Indulgence

3.  Biggest indulgence

If we're talking something I buy then I would have to say I don't indulge much worth talking about...what I would be tempted to regularly splurge on, would be scrapbooking supplies, good chocolate, and clothes.  But I don't because I just don't have the money to regularly do such.

But Hubby buys me a chocolate bar just about every PMS, which is really sweet of him :)  If only he would learn that 24/7 intravenous chocolate would be even better...hmm...

As far as food goes, my regular indulgence is guacamole.  YUM.  I love me some avocados.  I love almost any recipe containing avocado.  And guac & corn chips is my favourite.  I like it chunky, and I usually don't add anything except for Epicure's guacamole seasoning mix and lime juice.  Sometimes I make it the real way, with garlic and red onions and tomatoes and fresh cilantro and lime juice and salt.  But not usually.  I make a small bowlful and grab a bag of low-sodium Tostitos and a good book (or watch TV) and I'm happy.  And I do that on a very regular basis! :)

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  1. Okay, now I know I am losing it because I don't even like guac and you made it sound incredible!


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