Saturday, June 22, 2013

June Blog Challenge Days 18 - 22

Catching up!

18.  If your insurance covered infertility treatments at 100%, unlimited attempts - what would you try and for how long?

Since our main reason for quitting ttc is due to my epilepsy and epilepsy medications, I don't think this really applies to me...but otherwise I'd probably try a lot, for a long time...but I don't know...I can't really say what I'd do if in that much I'd be willing to go through until turning towards adoption anyway.

19. What's your advice for parenting an adopted child?

My advice for parenting a child who is adopted would depend entirely on what age they were adopted at, and what their life was like before they were adopted.  From what I've heard, it sounds like you parent a child who has been adopted as an infant exactly the same as a child you gave birth to, although there is conversation about adoption and birth families that you wouldn't have with a child you gave birth to.

20. What sounds reasonable in an open adoption - I.e. how much contact is do-able?

This varies greatly from person to person.  That is why an agency matches up the birth parents and the adoptive couple who are both comfortable with the same amount & type of contact.  Thankfully this is not binding and can change & grow as the relationships change & grow, because at the beginning a lot of contact may sound scary for one side or the other, but eventually as trust is built perhaps more contact works well for everyone.

21. Tell me about a TTC blog I don't have on my blog roll - why should I go visit? (No preggos please)

Ironically, the person whom I got this June Blog Challenge from (Waiting for Baby) is now pregnant (I don't think they knew that when they put out these questions) and is now actually looking for preggo blogs!  Anyway, I follow a lot of blogs, but I currently don't have any ttc or preggo ones on my list (which, personally, is okay with me).

22. What's your favorite children's book?

I love children's books :)  You can never go wrong with Guess How Much I Love You.  And I have this hilariously adorable book called Hamsters Holding Hands.  And I really like Robert Munsch.   I'm sure I'm missing other good ones :)

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