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I was a sinner, just like every other human being born on this earth.  I was guilty, deserving of death.  If I had died a sinner, I would’ve ended up eternally separated from God.  Why?  Because God is perfect, and I have to be perfect, too, to be acceptable to Him.  It was impossible for me to make the changes needed in order to make myself perfect – no amount of doing good or not sinning could accomplish that.  God is perfectly just, so He couldn’t just accept me the way I was.  I needed to pay for my sin by death.  But He loves me, and every other person, so He made a way that I could be made not guilty without having to die.  God’s Son, Jesus, who is perfect, took mine, and everyone’s, sin on Himself and died, paying the price of my debt of sin.  When I believed that Jesus’ death was the complete payment for my sin, He credited me with His righteousness, making me perfect so that I am no longer a sinner and am now acceptable to Him!  Do you believe in Jesus?  More than just His existence; the historical Jesus?  The facts are: All people are guilty.  This guilt earns death.  Jesus died in our place.  Believe this, and He will declare you not guilty!  Click HERE to read more about what I believe and how I arrived there.

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Well, I won't be one of those people I so admire who post every day or two.  I just don't have enough hours in one day.  But I do plan on posting regularly, even if it is just short updates.
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