Friday, June 28, 2013

June Blog Challenge Days 27 & 28

27.  When you were younger, what job(s) did you want to have?

When I was little, I wanted to be a secretary, a teacher, an author, and an illustrator.  I alternated between these, but more often it was the secretary and author.  Both still appeal to me :)

28.   Do you speak any other languages?  When do you think a child should learn a new language?

I don't speak any language other than English fluently.  I took French for 5 years (grades 4 - 8) because it was mandatory, but it never really stuck.  All it has really helped for is that I'm able to recognize some French words (and thus some Spanish as well, since they're so similar).  My parents are fluent in Low German and so all four of us, their children, know Low German to some degree or another.  My brother (the oldest one) is also fluent in Low German, the next oldest understands all of it but only speaks some of it, the next understands some of it and speaks some of it, and then there's me, the baby.  I understand words and phrases here and there and can usually catch on to the gist of what's being said, but if I try and say any of the words and phrases I know, it usually comes out all wrong.  Interestingly, though, I still find that there's a word here and there that I actually only know the Low German for, and don't know the English for, but don't know exactly how to pronounce in Low German!

I have no idea when a child should learn a new language.  Since we live in Canada, Hubby & I think it'd be wise for our child(ren) to know both English & French, since to get a good job and career of one's choice, it is getting more and more beneficial to be bilingual.  I'd also like for our child(ren) to know Low German, but I'm not sure how possible that is (it's kind of like a slang language, not really a written one).


  1. I could google, but I would rather ask...what do you mean when you say Low German? Do types of German exist?

    1. So hard to explain...maybe this would describe it best.

    2. I was in a german church the other day and they actually read out of low german bible. So it is turning into a written language, but I'm not very slow in reading it!


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