Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Blog Challenge Day 2: Driving

2.  What do you drive?  What is you dream car?

We have one vehicle, an '02 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.  I am quite content with it except I wish it was dark blue or black instead of the burgundy that it is (we bought it used).  Yeah, we've had to fix it quite a bit and it still needs some work, and it uses more gas than some other vehicles, but it's completely paid off now, so we don't really want to get a different vehicle and have to start making payments again. 

Dream car?  Well, that is not something I think about much at all!  I just asked Hubby now if I have a dream vehicle, and he said "I don't think you have a specific one...if you did, it would change from day to hour to what colour it was to who was driving it to where you saw it..."  Lol!  Yeah, he knows me pretty well.  I see cars I like (Corvettes, Chargers, Porsches, etc) and take note of them, but I can't see myself settling on any one as my favourite for very long!

I will say, however, I grew up in a GM-only/anti-Ford family, and I haven't changed much from that, except now I like Dodge almost more than Chevy.  And I still don't like Ford, lol!


  1. I had a kid 10 years ago who when working on analogies instead of writing Ford, wrote Found On the Road Dead. :-) Cracked me up!

    1. Yup, "Found On Road Dead" or "Fix Or Repair Daily" are all Ford jokes I grew up with ;)


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