Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Homestudy Report is In!!

Our social worker had told us on Saturday the 4th that she would have our homestudy report completed and in to Adoption Options by Monday the 13th.  Well, yesterday, Wednesday the 8th, I got an email from AO saying the report is already in!!  I was so excited (still am)!  The email said "Hi Rhonda, the report is complete! Are you guys able to come in next week to review the report and jump in the box?!"  ("In the box" is the phrase used to say "approved" because the agency literally puts our info on an index card and puts it in a little box with all the other approved families, and go through that box when matching with birthparents.)  I totally didn't want to wait all the way til next week, but really I guess that is not too long to wait at all, in the grand scheme of things!  We are going in on Tuesday the 14th, the earliest that worked.  Two days after Mother's Day will very likely be the day that we officially become waiting parents

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  1. Congrats! It will be such a relief once you know for sure that you are officially "in the box." Happy weekend!


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