Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Yesterday, May 14, Tuesday, 2013 was the big day.  We are approved; we are officially waiting parents; we are "paper pregnant"!  Technically, we could get "The Call" any day.

I can assure you it doesn't feel the least little bit real yet.  I must admit I'm a little disappointed at that.  It doesn't even feel surreal, it just feels...the same.

Yesterday we went to Adoption Options and read through our homestudy report.  We then marked anything that was incorrect.  Doing this, Hubby's perfectionist side came out strong much to his annoyance, and my "hey, this is good enough!" side came out in opposition.  Then we showed our corrections to the Program Supervisor (she is a super-bubbly, kind woman) and then we each signed it plus she did (the social worker will have signed it today).  At that point we officially became "in the box".  It was sort of anticlimactic.  We went to pay, and the program supervisor was already re-typing our edited homestudy.  We will be getting a copy of it in the mail along with our official letter of approval.  I'm excited to get that letter.  On it it will state that May 14 is our approval date, and that is the date we update our homestudy every year.

I wonder if updating our homestudy every year on or around Mother's Day will be hard or not.  On one hand, it could be very hard to be reminded every year that I am not a mom yet (not like there aren't reminders like that everywhere anyway).  On the other hand, it may be nice to have something to do to improve our chances of being picked every year around that time.

After we left the agency, Hubby wasn't happy because he didn't feel the report was a 100% accurate.  And he knew that his mood was getting me down when I wanted to be celebratory, which further discouraged him.  We kept talking about it without getting mad at each other which was really nice.  As the afternoon went on I think he felt more okay with things.

We went to the new Cabela's in the city and ran some errands and then in the evening had a celebration supper at Famous Dave's.  The meal ended up making me feel ill/strange so I didn't eat a lot but it was still nice to go out.

After that we went home where we took the above picture of us :)  Seriously, we couldn't not do a pic like that!

I'm wondering when things will sink in.  So far almost everyone I tell is more excited than me - and I am a very excitable person!  Right now life just feels the same.


  1. First Congrats!

    Second we have "errors" in our home study but minor- I think my mothers profession or maybe my sisters profession was incorrect. Things that I deemed inconsequential. I was just done with paper work, set it aside and while the deadline came and we just signed it. I doubt there is an "error free" home study since half of the info is from a verbal interview.

    Last I dont know how your agency does it but we had to start our homestudy update about 3 months prior to year deadline because things like fingerprints, etc had to be processed. Updating stinks but I found myself a little less invested the second time we updated.

    Baby Dust to you! :) Tomorrow, next month or next year- it WILL happen :) (When is the baby shower?!)

    1. Thank-you :) What do you mean, baby shower??


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