Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Approval Party

On May 18th, four days after we were approved, we had my immediate family down for a little "approval party".

I made a cake.  It was supposed to be half white and half chocolate, and ended up being 3/4 chocolate and 1/4 white.  It was supposed to be iced in pale yellow and have pale green writing on it (trying to go for neutral baby colours).  It ended up looking like John Deere colours.  And then I put saran wrap over it which botched the writing so I had to fix it up after taking the saran wrap back off.  There was also ice-cream and chips and I bought a bouquet of beautiful white with yellow flowers just because I wanted to feel celebrated.

Everybody was able to make it in the end and we had an okay time; most of us played a game called "Camp" we had bought from Cabela's (not baby-related at all, I know).   One of my sisters gave me a 5-year journal to keep track of our adoption journey.

I gave everyone a paper I had written up with FAQ's & A's about adoption, and adoption-friendly language.  I also gave everyone the following photo, which was our Facebook announcement post.

We wanted to do something with Hubby's side, too, but only his parents live close by and it didn't seem to make sense to have a party with just one other couple besides us. So last week Thursday we had them over and we went on a very nice walk to a nearby restaurant where you eat outside, and afterward got ice-cream cones and walked back to our house for more visiting.  Have to get the above picture to them yet.

I'm not planning any baby shower per se, where I expect to get gifts or anything, but Hubby knows I want one yet so I'm looking forward to one day being surprised by that.


Comments are like little gifts! :)