Monday, May 20, 2013

Our 8th Anniversary

Hubby & I had our 8th anniversary on April 16th.  We didn't do much then, but went away to a cabin from April 26 - 29.  We spent a very relaxing weekend, just reading, going for drives to do some birding, went for some walks, watched a little TV, soaked in the jacuzzi tub, had some nice homemade meals, did a puzzle, etc.  It was quite a nice weekend weather-wise.  When we got there we were surprised at the amount of snow, but it melted drastically throughout the weekend.  Here are some pics.

Enjoying doing some photography on our first walk.

We planned on having a wiener roast until we discovered the firepit was still under snow!  So we barbecued them and still ate outside at the picnic table - despite the snow and ice-covered lake, the sun was nice & hot.

Hubby soaking up some sunshine in the porch.

We had a fondue - the first time I've ever tackled a 3-course fondue.  First goat cheese (above), then oil for meat, then chocolate!
Me working on my donut puzzle.  We worked on it all weekend and it was a lot of fun!

The completed donut puzzle!

Hubby doing some birding on a trail we took a really nice walk down.

A whole lotta American Coots all in one place - hilarious!

An American Bittern attempting to hide from us - also cracked me up :D

Porcupine!  I could hear the cutie crunching on buds or whatever he was eating :)


  1. Happy anniv! Looks like fun, and I love puzzles, that one looks delish!

  2. What a lovely weekend, the snow is awesome!

  3. Hi from ICLW. I love putting puzzles together. I still have one to finish that my husband bought me at Christmas.

    1. My hubby bought me the donut one this last Christmas :)


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