Monday, May 6, 2013

Last Homestudy Interviews!

So on Saturday the social worker came to our home.  All in all I felt it went better than the last interviews.  I felt more at ease, and I felt I gave better answers.

She was supposed to come at 3.  Around 1 the doorbell rang and I flew into the bathroom and started frantically combing my hair.  Hubby went to the door and it was...just someone else.  So we calmed down again (well, I tried to calm down; Hubby's always calm).  The house was in as perfect order as it could be, so I asked Hubby if we could play a game to just get my mind distracted.  We played one round, and part way into the second round, the doorbell rang.  The game kind of got thrown haphazardly into its box and put somewhere.  She was about 20 minutes early!  She apologized for being early and asked if that was okay - well, of course we're not going to turn her away!

She started off by telling us this would be much shorter than our last interviews.  That one was 2 1/2 hours which I already thought was somewhat short.  We then gave her a little tour of the house.  I first showed her what will be the nursery.  It is full of boxes and my scrapbooking table.  Naturally she asked where we will put all that when we get a baby.  Hm, I've wondered that myself!  Then the kitchen, utility room, dining area, living area, bathroom, our bedroom, and the backyard.  Mostly she was interested in our renovations and she kept exclaiming how curious she was!

Then was sat down at the table.  She asked us questions that related to parenting and adoption, which is more what I had expected to be asked last time.  What do we want for our children (to be successful, or rich, or confident, or whatever), what did our parents do that we never want to do, could our children ever do anything that would cause us to disown them (!), what would we do if a birthmom just loved us and thus phoned us very frequently, where are the closest schools, what do we think of public/private/homeschool, what if our child chooses not to have the same beliefs as us, where do we keep medications and where is a safe place we can put them when the time comes.....I can't remember them all.

Here's a funny story:  She asked us some basic questions, like square footage of our place, did we have any alcohol in the house, and then she asked if we had any firearms?  To this I replied "No" and Hubby replied "Yes" to which I immediately responded with "What?!?"  He said "We have one smoke detector there and another one there."  Yeah, he had understood fire alarms, not firearms!  :D  Thankfully the social worker was able to laugh with us about that one!

All in all she was only over for an hour!  I was much happier with the way this one turned out.  Perhaps it was having met her before, perhaps it was having been through one interview meeting and knowing a little more what to expect, perhaps it was Hubby being willing to let me talk, perhaps it was being in our own home.  I didn't even cry, and I'm in PMS now! 

So what happens now?  She writes up the report, which she says she will have completed within a week, and it'll be at Adoption Options by the 13th.  Then AO will let us know, and we'll go in, read it, and sign in.  And then we'll be approved and waiting!


  1. This is great news! Almost at the finish line and I think you can sneak in an early Mother's Day for yourself. :)

    Almost there!

    1. Thank you :) We'll see how I feel when Mother's Day comes around...


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