Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Our Western Canada Vacation - Part 6

This is the final part and it covers the last four days of our trip, May 22-25.

On the 22nd we left Blue River, BC and headed toward Jasper, Alberta.  We spent the day driving through Mount Robson Provincial Park and Jasper National Park.  We saw a couple black bears and a few elk as we drove by but that was all for animals.  We did see a lot of nice scenery like usual, though!

This black bear was on the side of a pull-out and I think he was eating some garbage.
We stopped and walked a trail to a look-out over a marsh.
We could have walked the trail around the marsh but didn't have time.
Stunning Mount Robson.
We took a lot of pictures of it and could've taken a lot more.
We stopped for a late lunch at the base of Mount Robson, which was really nice despite the mosquitoes.
Beside the picnic shelter, there was a bridge over a cold rushing mountain river that led to a trail up the mountain; we didn't have time to walk it.
Pretty scenery along the way created by God the Master Artist :)
We drove to Jasper National Park and took a scenic route to Athabasca Falls.
Athabasca Falls.
We spent the night in Jasper, at a place that ended up being a bit of a disappointment, and headed toward Calgary, Alberta.

The 23rd was spent enjoying the beautiful scenery in the parks of Alberta again. We saw some wildlife, including some elk and a glimpse of a black bear with her cub.  We stopped at a lot of pullouts and took a lot of pictures; there were a lot of tourists doing the same thing.

We started off the day at Sunwapta Falls.
My husband hiked a waterfall and this is his view from the top.  This waterfall was frozen on our honeymoon.
Athabasca Glacier

Bighorn Sheep.  There were a lot of people - foolish people! - who marched right up to these animals, sometimes with their children, and posed for pictures.  The sheep started to act skittish while we watched and moved off.     
Some of the lakes were such a gorgeous colour.  I could just not get over it (and the cameras never did it justice!)
We had a picnic with this adorable li'l fellow (a Grey Jay).  He ate gluten-free that day, lol.
Lake Louise.  It was completely frozen on our honeymoon but this time was thawing (this trip was about a month later than our honeymoon was).
We spent the night in Calgary, Alberta and the next day drove to Saskatchewan and the next day drove home.

The End :)
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