Monday, October 12, 2015

Our Western Canada Vacation - Part 5

This post covers May 20th & 21st.

We went to Vancouver Aquarium on the 20th.  Lee had been here once when he was younger, and then we had visited it on our honeymoon ten years ago and loved it, so we came back, and would like to do so again yet in our lives, hopefully next time with a little one who can enjoy it, too!  We like to take our time through places like zoos and museums, so we were here for 5 hours - and would've spent longer if we could have.

Fish and turtle in a neat-looking aquarium.
Birds.  The sloth was also in this section.
Lots of little jellyfish and me.
I LOVE sea otters - they have to be one of THE cutest animals around!  The sea otter show was excellent - or should I say the man doing it was.
The beluga whale show.  There are 2 whales - a mother (approx. 28 years old) and daughter (20 years old). We also went downstairs where you could see the whales underwater. 
Really big jellyfish.
Something very pink.
The dolphin show.  She could jump really, really high and swim dizzily fast.  Her flippers are short because she was caught in a fishing net (hence why she is in the aquarium now).
It was a great day :)
It took us a while to find our way out of the park that the aquarium is in, and then we headed off to Pemberton, BC.  We passed Whistler on the way, and although we don't ski, we did watch the 2010 Olympics, so I found it kind of cool.  The scenery along the way was beautiful as always!

We spent the night at Pemberton Valley Lodge which was a really nice place to stay.

The next day, the 21st, we drove from Pemberton, BC, to Blue River, BC.  It was basically just a driving day.  The roads were slow, windey, hilly, and narrow, with switchbacks, and then they got better.  We saw lots of mountains and mountain lakes; some pretty-coloured lakes.  Hubby saw a huge black bear in the distance.  We went through Kamloops about halfway through the day and stopped for a while at a hobby railroad train store for Hubby.  It was also an antique store so I browsed while he shopped.

Wild columbine.

We spent the night in Blue River, BC, and headed to Alberta the next day.

 Please come back to read the final part tomorrow :)

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