Sunday, October 11, 2015

Our Western Canada Vacation - Part 4

This part is about May 17-19.

We started off our first full day at Terrace Beach Resort by walking the Wild Pacific Trail (the Lighthouse Loop) which is right next to Terrace Beach.  (Go here to learn more about this trail, and here to read about the man behind it; at the very least watch this video - it is very interesting!)  Apparently this 2.6 km (1.6 mi) loop is a 30-45 minute walk, but we took our time, stopping at every little lookout to take pictures - and we spent a stretch of time at the lighthouse - so we were gone on the walk for 4 hours!

The boardwalk from the resort to the trail.  I LOVE boardwalks!
Crazy trees.

We spotted this li'l fellow waaaay up on a bend in a tree having a bath just like a cat.  Thankfully the only wildlife we saw on the trail, as mountain lions could have been seen.

One of many amazing views.
More trail.
More beautiful scenery.
The lighthouse.
Hubby went way out on the rocks by the lighthouse while I stayed where I felt safe.  But while sitting on the ground I this may be where I got the bug bite that affected my leg for the rest of the trip!
We ended off the day by having supper, seeing the sun set over the bay, and relaxing in the hot tub on the deck!  Oh, and we also saw harbour seals from our cabin!

Our second full day at TBR was probably the favourite day of the trip for both of us, probably simply because it was just very relaxing.  We spent the day on the rocks and beach below our cabin, at low tide, exploring tidal pools.  This was a very new experience for both of us, particularly for me, as I'd never experienced tides before (I'd only seen the ocean a couple times before this - once pacific, once atlantic).  This was also the worst day for my leg - the bug bite, which was oozing slightly, had swelled and had a large red circular patch around it with an even greater red area around that.  It was super-sensitive to touch so I couldn't itch it and my leg had gotten quite stiff and very achy.  So glad we both walked the trail and hot-tubbed the day before! 

I don't know what that is but it's cool.
Lots of little blue jellyfish.
We spent a lot of time at this pool.  Hubby had a watertight case for his phone, and it was pretty neat seeing the underwater video he got.  And yes, I am wearing hikers, pants, a hoodie, jacket, and toque, and majority of the time I was also wearing mitts and my jacket's hood - it was cold to me!
One of the anemones in the above pool.
Hubby spent the evening exploring the tidal pools some more, when the tide was even lower, while I stayed at the cabin; he found lots of neat things including a starfish which he brought to show me.  We packed and reorganized for the next day, and the day ended with a sunset over the bay again.

Our last day at TBR Lee got up early and drove to another beach and saw a 100+ year old shipwreck and explored that beach/rocks at low tide, then he drove to the lighthouse and walked out on the rocks and enjoyed the ocean.  We then packed up and drove back across Vancouver Island, stopping to look at some water bombers.  We went to Cathedral Grove, a place we'd been to on our honeymoon (I really think it was better then) and wanted to visit again.

Really huge trees.
We then went by the "goats on the roof" market again and then took the ferry, which we barely made, back to the mainland.  We spent the night in downtown Vancouver.       

 Please come back to read the fifth part tomorrow :)

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