Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random Stuff

I enjoyed doing ICLW!  July was my first month ever doing it.  I was very happy with the number of comments I got (I think 9 total, which for me is a lot) and I found some new blogs as well.  I must admit I didn't do nearly as many comments as I should have (I think 11 total) but I mostly blame slow dial-up Internet on that one!  If you don't have a clue as to what I'm talking about, click on the link.

On Sunday Hubby and I were driving down the highway (not a busy highway - more in the country) when ahead of us we saw a small black bear run across the road!  We pulled over to look at it, and it ran through the ditch on my side and squeezed under a fence.  It then cut a corner and squeezed under another fence.  However, this pasture had cows in it.  It took a few moments for the bear and cows to notice each other.  The cows seemed curious and some took a couple steps closer.  The bear (probably only a 2 year old) hurried around the herd.  Then, we couldn't believe this, it was so hilarious.  The whole herd of cows and calves started CHASING the bear!  The bear took off as fast as he could across the pasture, with all the cows & calves chasing him in one group!  I laughed so hard!  Wished I could've taped it.  That bear was still running for all he was worth when he was out of that pasture.

It's my birthday on August 12th! (*cough*LFCA*cough*)  I know I am no longer 5, but I still love birthdays, parties, presents, and everything else that goes along with growing older...except, well, growing older.  This is the conversation I had with my hairdresser yesterday when I told her my birthday was coming up:  Stylist:  "Oh, so how old are you turning - 24? 25?"  Me:  "Umm, yes...yes...."  Stylist:  "So, which one...?"  Me, sheepishly:  "It's my 30th..."  Stylist, shocked:  "You have to throw a big party!!!"  She also told me that she did not enjoy turning 30 because she was so down about never being in her twenties again, but she is now enjoying her thirties so much.  Once upon a time, I had planned to be done having all my children by age 30!  Lol!  So much for "plans"!

Today my sister FINISHED CHEMO!!!!  I got to be there with her while she had her last treatment, and then she had her picc line removed.  The picc line has been one of the things that she had the hardest time with, so she was really looking forward to getting it out.  It was kinda crazy seeing them pull that long string out of her.  I am so glad for her that she is done.  Of course, she still has to go through the side effects of this last treatment, but then she gets August off before she has to start radiation in September.  Yay yay yay, she may not be jumping up and down for joy, but I can do enough for the two of us!

So those are my random bits of news lately.  Nothing new on the adoption front.  Right now working on subdividing and getting our house ready to sell is taking up most of our time, money, energy, and thoughts.


  1. I didn't realize that my baby shares the same birthday as you do! :) I think it's crazy that we're almost in our 30's! I'm looking forward to it, not the number that I'll be but the phase of life that I'll be in. :)


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