Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Things

Lately life hasn't been ideal, but I don't feel comfortable writing about those things here, since this blog is really public and everyone I know knows I have it (something I occasionally regret doing because it would be nice to write more freely at times). 

So a couple days ago I decided to write down 10 things that make me happy, to remind myself that life isn't all bad :)  Here they are:

  1. How much work my husband has gotten done on finishing our porch.
  2. Finally getting a couple items ordered that I need.
  3. All of our reference papers sent to our referees.  Feeling like we're closer to getting paperwork done.
  4. My sister E giving me baby clothes she bought second-hand for me (a pink sleeper and a blue outfit).
  5. Re-hearing the gospel explained so clearly and simply.
  6. The little sunflowers in my flower bed that bloomed after I let them grow there from fallen bird seeds.
  7. My 7-year-old niece complaining about a sore throat: "I can't swallow my illness." (???)
  8. Sleeping in with my hubby 2 mornings in a row.
  9. Eggs fried over-easy.
  10. And I saved the best for last:  My 8-year-old niece, spontaneously: "Auntie Rhonda, you're gonna be a good mommy!"  (Which was rewarded with a highly-deserved, gigantic, scoop-off-the-floor hug from me.)  (Oh, her reason for the statement?  "Because you laugh with me, and you'll laugh with your kids.")

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