Thursday, November 7, 2013

Christmas is Coming

Well, Christmas is coming (48 days) and decorations are starting to show up around our house!  This is the first year we've had Christmas in this house (we moved here in February).  So I'm pretty excited about decorating.
Pretty glass snowflake tealight holders in the living room.
Seashore Christmas decor in the bathroom!
A few snowball ornaments added to the bathroom seashore decor.
The tree will hopefully be going up in a week and a half.  I'm very excited about it!  Have you started Christmas decorating yet?

For those of you who don't have children in your home, does it make the holiday season harder?  Or do the festivities distract you?

Do you buy anything for your future child(ren)?  I have never bought a Christmas present specifically for our future child(ren), but I have given my husband presents that I guess are technically for the child.  For example, last Christmas I gave him a little white onesie with a red stocking on it that said "Daddy's Best Present".

Do you ask for any gifts for your future child(ren)?  I think this is the first year that I have put on my Christmas wishlists things like gift cards for Babies R Us.  People may hardly ever talk about the fact that we are going to be parents, but I won't let them forget!  Sometimes I really wish people would treat us as expectant parents.  Ah well.

Do you have any special ornaments you put on your tree that remind you of children you have lost or children you will gain?  I wish I could find a special ornament that we could put on our tree each year that would say something like "Waiting for you to spend all your Christmases with us."


  1. We have an ornament for our daughter. Each of our parents do too. Christmas is a little hard. She passed away the day after Thanksgiving last year. An ornament for our future child is a great idea though!

  2. We are not big on decorating, only put up a few lights and candles. We bought a tree a couple of years ago and it stood in the house until past April, neither me or hubby feeling like putting it away (not because we liked it a lot, but because it is such a bore to take everything down and try to get it back into the box it came out off!), so we decided against any future trees! This would probably change once the little one is home, as I think it important to let your children have a nice Xmas experience.

  3. I love to decorate. I wait until after Thanksgiving to put up all of my Christmas stuff. For us, since we work weird schedules which include the holidays, we celebrate Christmas whenever we can get our families together. Whether it be January or still in November. This year we are doing it the weekend after Christmas. Having the family over and preparing food and our home for them helps to distract me from not having kids in the home.


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