Monday, September 9, 2013

Willow Tree Figurines

Do you have any of those Willow Tree figurines?  Or have you seen them in people's homes or in stores?  I've always seen them and loved them.  Unfortunately I was always seeing the ones of the pregnant woman, with her beautiful curving belly.  I really didn't think there was any other one besides that one and I think a couple.

Anyway, sometime last year I was in a store and I was admiring their Willow Tree figurines.  And I saw this one:
New Dad
 And it was on sale.  I decided to buy it right there and then and hide it away, and then give it to my husband the day we got approved.  Well, time went by, and we moved.  And then when we got approved, that day was a whole lot less exciting than I thought it would be.  And anyway, I totally forgot I had this tucked in a box somewhere until way later.  I came across it by accident and was very disappointed and frustrated with myself.  I ended up giving it to my husband anyway.  And he was very sweet about it.

The figurine is titled "New Dad" and the caption reads "In awe and wonder of what's to come." 

I found four figurines on the Willow Tree website that I wanted for myself!  My husband gave me this one for my birthday last month:

Angel of Mine
It is titled "Angel of Mine" and the caption reads "So loved, so very loved."  It was my top pick.  The other three that I also liked are:

"Child of My Heart" - "Child of the world, Into my heart you came - Bringing sun into my life, Making family our name."

"Guardian" - "Love and protect thee, forever."

"The Quilt" - "Sleep my child and peace...peace...Covered in love and keep...keep..."

P.S.  This is not supposed to be an ad for Willow Tree.  I just really like the artists' work and wanted to show you which ones my husband and I had gotten each other :)

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  1. My MIL gave us the Promise Cake Topper for our wedding,default,pd.html?start=3&cgid=1040010

    and gave us the Our Gift figurine,default,pd.html?start=19&cgid=1050002 when we brought Baby Girl Home.

    I also had only seen the pregnant lady (and the couple cake topper) until after Baby Girl was born. Love the ones you gave/received.


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