Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Craving...food :)  But it's too close to suppertime to eat much of anything, so I'm having a hot apple cider instead :)

Listening to...the crickets!  They are LOUD and ABUNDANT!!  We usually like to sleep with the windows open in summertime, but the crickets haven't allowed for it this year - way too loud.  Also hearing the little children playing on the other side of the fence.

Making me sad...antidepressants, sleeping pills, etc, and what they have done to those I love.

Missing...my hubby, because I almost always miss him while he's at work and especially while I am sad, and our future baby whom I don't even know.

Thankful for...so much!  Hot apple cider, that it still feels like summer even though it's Sept. 10, that I am no longer on antidepressants, for my wonderful hubby, that we are approved to adopt and really could get "the call" any minute :)


  1. Lovely post, it made me smile, thanks :-) I hope you'll get that phone call soon!

  2. Happy ICLW! Glad I found your blog to add to my "adoption blogs" collection ^_^ Hope you get the call soon!

    1. Yay! :) Glad to have you by - come over anytime :)


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