Monday, September 30, 2013

What Not To Say To Someone Who's Not P******t

I love the sarcastic sense of humour Tara and Amanda put into this list.


  1. I love that list...I've heard all of them and it's SO frustrating (especially those STUPID myths about getting pregnant once you adopt, or stop trying, etc. etc.). If that really happened as often as everyone claims it does, there'd be a lot less of us on this journey.

  2. Needed that post tonight. Can I add an 11? Do NOT complain about your achy back, the fact that you pee when you sneeze or how FAT you feel. I'd trade you 9 months for the years I've spent with my legs in stirrups for anyone who's prying eyes might have an idea of what is "wrong." :)

  3. Love these.. so frustrating sometimes I almost want to print this out as a go to guide for answering people sometimes.


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