Monday, April 22, 2013

Frustrated But Oh Well

So first homestudy meeting was supposed to be, at our house, on Saturday the 20th.

Social worker called on Friday to say she unexpectedly had to work at her other job and had to postpone. 

Second homestudy meeting (now the first), at the agency, was supposed to be today the 22nd.

Social worker called this morning to say she is sick and has to reschedule. 

Granted, she sounds really sick.

Planned to reschedule for tomorrow the 23rd but I had my doubts she'd be better by then so it is rescheduled for Wednesday the 24th.

Hoping it'll happen.

Still don't know when the one at our house will be.  She says we'll reschedule that one at our meeting on Wednesday.

Feeling frustrated and let down.  But she is very nice about it all, saying she doesn't want to undermine the importance of doing the homestudy. And really, these things are out of her control, so I'm trying to be understanding.



  1. Hi from ICLW. That has got be frustrating!

  2. I sure hope the Social Worker is able to follow through sooner rather than later, I can't imagine the anticipation and anxiety you must be experiencing! Sending you good vibes! Happy ICLW! -Jenn

  3. Greetings from ICLW. What a frustration that is, especially after you have come this far. I know it will be a long process, but hopefully with a wonderful ending!

  4. Greetings from ICLW! I am so sorry to read about this delay. It must be so frustrating on top of all the waiting and disappointment you have already been through. But as soon as you get this appointment done, you will be one step closer to your family! cheering for you!

  5. Oh, your post brought back so many memories of our adoption journey. There is just so much that is outside of your control. That, plus all the stress to do gets to be too much. I remember when I went to have my fingerprints taken for the FBI clearance. I thought I had (mostly) gotten over my frustration with all the paperwork and required steps for the home study. Then the lady at the sheriff's office said my fingerprints were "too dry" to print. "That's what happens when you get old, honey" she told me. I about lost it right there. OLD!!! I'm not even 40. I almost hit her, but restrained myself because I figured assaulting someone in the sheriff's office would nix our chances of qualifying for sure. Now it seems kinda funny, but back then, it was not ok. I ended up having to find a different place to get my prints done that could do them electronically. Then I had to get them done AGAIN when we had to renew our home study (our wait was 2 years start to placement). Hang in there and give yourself plenty of grace for feeling impatient, annoyed and just plain DONE with the process. You WILL be parents. Parts of the process just really stink. Blessings to you!

  6. I hope the social worker is able to reschedule sooner rather than later!

  7. Hello from ICLW, hope that you are having a really successful meeting today. wishing you all the best on your journey!

  8. Here from ICLW - wow, that sounds really frustrating! Having worked in human services for most of my adult life, I find it irritating that social workers are so poorly paid that they need to have second jobs. I really hope everything's able to be rescheduled soon, though, and you can move forward.

    P.S. i looked at the wedding pictures on your About Me page - you look beautiful! I love the hair!

  9. Hello from ICLW! Wow- I'm so sorry to hear about all the delays. That must be incredibly frustrating when you're so ready to move forward. Try to look at it this way- this is just a test of your patience- something you will have to have in abundance WHEN you finally have a child! Best of luck to you... I sincerely hope things move along quickly, and you have that baby in your arms as soon as humanly possible!

  10. My original comment clearly didn't post!

    The amount of patience that is required throughout this process is inestimable. I am NOT a patient person, so I know exactly how you feel about these types of setbacks. I hope that the rest of the process goes quickly and that the remaining visits are flawless! :)


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