Friday, April 12, 2013


Looking forward to...Tuesday, April 16, which is Hubby's & my 8th anniversary.  We're going to go out to eat.  At the end of the month we are going away for a long weekend.

Thankful for...the melting snow.  I can actually see grass in our backyard.  Keep in mind this is the first time we've seen our lawn, since we moved here in the middle of winter.

Craving...the TastiTaters I have in the toaster oven, which I am planning on eating with fresh salsa and sour cream.  Here's to hoping the first fresh salsa I've ever made turns out good!

Going to...tonight we are going to a dinner theatre that a couple relatives will be acting in.  Not sure how I feel about a murder mystery being performed in a church, though.  But the play & the acting is bound to be very entertaining.

Wishing...I knew how much of the homestudy is going to be interviews of  us and how much of it is she actually going to be checking how child-proof our home is.

Surprised by...Just looked at my Lilypie ticker and realized it has been exactly one year since we applied for adoption!  Of course there was a lot more leading up to that (see my timeline).  I had hoped to be approved by this point, but our homestudy is in 8 days and I'm hopinghopinghoping that we'll be approved by Mother's Day.  It would feel like a Mother's Day I could actually celebrate :)


  1. Good luck with the homestudy Rhonda. I can't speak for the homestudy process in your neck of the woods, but the child-proofing part of our homestudy was really tiny and the interview of our lives made up 99% of things.

    In terms of childproofing, I'd recommend you invest in a fire extinguisher, smoke alarms and maybe carbon monoxide alarms? These were things that came up as part of our child safety qeustions. I don't think they'll expect you to have a child-proof home at this point (our agency didn't), but having a plan to child proof the home was really important.

    Happy one year anniversary - your time until your baby comes to you is getting closer!

  2. Happy Anniversary for tomorrow! In South Africa our Home Visit focus's more on the social worker getting to observe you in your home environment, as it is about the house itself.


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