Thursday, January 24, 2013

So Many Changes!

Hello ICLWers!  Sorry I haven't been reading & commenting much this week, and I can't promise that I'll do better yet...  Not entirely sure why I signed up this month, lol, but I guess I just didn't predict how crazy busy I would be!

I have been stressed, stressed, stressed with all the decision-making that comes along with renos, and I've discovered my stress is amplified when people volunteer to help - or worse, when they help without asking first.  And then organizing these helpful people, and trying to make them get along with each other - ugh!  THANKFULLY everything has turned out well so far and, although there have been days I have spent in tears, there have actually been relaxing, fun days as well.  Painting is all done, and flooring is next.  We move in the first weekend of February.  My current house?  Totally neglected lately.

Hubby started a new job.  Yeah, it was rather sudden.  But then again, rather drawn out.  He'd applied,  gotten an interview, then they'd decided not to hire anyone, then the job was open again, he applied again, then he e-mailed after a while just to see what was up because he wasn't hearing anything and the position still needed filling, then he got another interview, was told he was liked by a high-up guy he thought hated him and it all around felt like a good interview, a couple days later was told they wanted to hire him, and a couple days later was his first day!  So now he is no longer a truck driver and is OFF THE ROAD (Read:  Wife can stop worrying so much) and has an office job as a fleet manager (aka dispatcher) training to tell those truck drivers where to go!  I'm very happy for him.

Things are still moving forward with the adoption process...although some days we're moving so slowly I think we're almost moving backwards.  Selling our property, selling our house, Christmas, buying a place, renos, new job AND adoption process - we're crazy people.  Plain and simple.  Crazy people.  Yesterday I contacted our agency to see if all our stuff was in - I just couldn't wait any more to know.  Found out they're still waiting for one of our reference letters.  Now, we know this person wrote their letter a lo-o-ong time ago - but I guess just forgot to send it in!  SO, we're getting on their case, lol, but even so, we're told we can set up our first homestudy appointment (once one of the workers is back from the holidays she is on this week).  EEEK!!!  Now I'm hoping the appointment isn't too soon, lol, because we still have stuff to complete!  Hubby has promised me we're working on it tonight!!

Gotta go.  I hope things are going well for all of you, and you're often in my thoughts!  Thank you SOOOO much for your comments :)   


  1. Very busy!!! Congrats on your husbands new job, great news!

  2. It's so funny - as soon as I was ready for things to start slowing down so I could catch up on life, everything started speeding up! Good luck!

  3. Hello from ICLW! It's great to find another adoption blog - we are exploring adoption this year!

  4. Maybe crazy, but that's our kind of crazy as well. Jobs, school, renos, adoption, heck yes! If you're not on the verge of coming apart at that seams, you're not living :P

  5. Busy times but lots of great news! Good luck with getting your first homestudy appointment set up.

    Visiting from ICLW.


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