Saturday, February 13, 2016

Motherhood Month - 21

Progress:  Tomorrow will be 2 years + 9 months since we were approved.

How I'm Feeling:  It's kinda a crazy thought that if we had gotten pregnant the day we got approved, we would now have a 2 year old.  I think I'm patiently, hopefully, waiting.  Physically and emotionally I'm just feeling a little crummy...okay, a lot crummy, right now.

Craving:  I'm not super-hungry right now but I would totally take almost anything loaded with melted cheese...grilled cheese sandwich, pizza, you name it.

Thoughts about our future child:  I've been reading so much from adoptees and birth mothers, and we recently watched Adopted, so it's on my mind, hoping that you and I will have a good relationship and that I will be able to help you feel free to be able to talk to me about what you're feeling.

Thoughts about our child's expectant mom:  I hope you will have support, particularly after the adoption as you go back to life with a baby-shaped hole in your heart.  I hope you will be able and willing to be a part of our baby's life, for your sake, his/her sake, and ours, too.

Most recent baby purchase/gift:  Nothing really.

This month God:  Has been teaching me how good He is!  I wrote about it here.

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