Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rough Day

Today was a rough day.  There seemed to be preggo bellies and adorable children everywhere.  (Usually I can stay home and ignore it but today I had to go run errands.)  In the doctor's waiting room there was a lady (I'm assuming the mom) reading stories with a little girl.  Part way through storytime, she put her on her lap, they exchanged sweet smooches, and went back to reading.  The craving inside of me was so strong I thought I was going to dissolve into sobs right there in the waiting room.  (It doesn't help that I'm in pms and everything seems worse.)  The annoying thing is I can't tell the difference between coveting and this engulfing pain that overwhelms when I imagine my life without a child.  Ah well.  Life has been super-super-stressful lately (for the last month, to be precise).  I guess the good thing that comes out of hard times is that God hears from me a lot as I seek answers from Him and cry out to Him.  And yet other times (did I mention pms?) He feels somewhat distant.  Anyway.  I just wanted to share - it was a rough day.  Thanks for listening.



  1. So sorry girl. I hate those days. Praying for you now

  2. Winter seems to be harder for me as well. I'm torn between hating the pity look I get from my Pregnant coworker who is complaining about being pregnant to my super-excited friend who can't contain herself when she announced her big news to us. While I dont want to have pity eyes thrown my way I also could use some sensitivity. Hang in there. <3


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