Monday, January 5, 2015

Summing up 2014...Looking Forward to 2015

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2014 did not have as many things happen in it as 2012 and 2013.  The biggest things that happened in our lives in 2014 were:
  1. We put our condo up for sale in March.   We looked at a few houses and made an offer on one which wasn't accepted.  Our condo was shown about 13 times with no offers.  We took our condo off the market at the end of June as it didn't seem like the right timing for us.  
  2. We reached one year of waiting.  We had not been shown at all.  We updated our adoption profile.
  3. We celebrated some big birthdays - my oldest niece's 15th, my mother-in-law's 55th, my mom's 65th, my brother's 40th, and my husband's 30th!
  4. I had a booth at a local fair getting word out about my business, Regal Gifts.
  5. Hubby & I went on an amazing camping trip from July 3-6.  Very relaxing and very beautiful scenery.
  6. I had a seizure, my seventh one but the last time I'd had one was almost 6 years ago; also my first one alone.  Caused us to rethink having children which was a very difficult time.  We prayed a lot, talked a lot, and cried a lot. We put in place some plans for babysitting in the early mornings and solidified a number of ways to keep Baby safe.  Having the seizure alone ended up showing me that it is possible to be alone during one and be okay.
  7. Hubby had 5 dentist appointments from Oct-Dec with another one coming up this month.  Ouch!
  8. We found out we had been shown 3 times in the six months since updating our profile in Spring!
  9. I had a booth at a local Christmas craft & trade show for Regal.  This one did a lot better, and it was indoors so we didn't get rained out like last time!
  10. And, Hubby's brother found and met members of his birth family! 
So, now it is 2015, which I find hard to believe!  How the time flies.  And yet how it drags, too!  Of course it's impossible to predict what will happen in 2015.  Perhaps Christ will come back and take His people home -- who knows!  But here is what I'm looking forward to in 2015 if it is His will:
  1. Celebrating more big birthdays in our families - my youngest niece just turned 10 three days ago, my oldest niece will be turning 16 soon and getting her driver's (!!!!), my sister-in-law will be having her 40th soon, and at the end of the year Hubby's brother will be having his 25th!
  2. Hubby & I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary!!
  3. We'll hit the 2-year mark of waiting and update our profile again, assuming we aren't parents by then. 
  4. We are planning for and hope to go away on a vacation for our anniversary :)  Unless we're parents by then, that is.
  5. We're planning on going back to the same wonderful campground as last year, this time with Hubby's extended family.
  6. We may or may not put our condo up for sale again.
  7. I haven't really thought beyond that!  I hope to stay seizure-free, of course, and beat my record of 5 years + 9 months.  I'm aiming for forever ;)  I hope that God answers our prayers for all the people we pray for.  I am excited to see what He will do in 2015!  His plans are always best!    
I hope you had a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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