Friday, August 22, 2014

Adoption Love Link-Up: Intros

So many adoption bloggers that I know love Kristen and her blog, Adoption Love, and I am no different.  This month she has started a monthly blog link-up and I am very excited to start participating in it! 

The discussion topic for this month is intros.  How did I become part of the adoption world and where is my family at in our journey?

I don't share all the details of our journey that brought us to where we are now, but I don't mind sharing a fair bit of it.  In the summer of 2010, we made the painful, difficult, yet relieving decision to quit ttc and instead switch to adoption.  Amongst other factors, this decision was made primarily because of my epilepsy and epilepsy meds.  I was on an epilepsy med that was safe for an unborn baby, but did not control my epilepsy very well and was starting to give me negative side effects.  I switched to one that I had been on years earlier so I knew it worked very well for me, both at controlling my seizures and giving me minimal side effects.  Unfortunately this med is very unsafe for an unborn baby.  Hence the quitting ttc.  I could've experimented with other meds to try and find a different one that controlled my epilepsy and was safe for an unborn baby, but both Hubby and I were very reluctant to, as I was already in a bad place health-wise and we know I am very sensitive to medications.  A decision had to be made and we made it.  Not to say it was easy at all; I definitely grieved for quite some time over never getting to meet the baby that I had dreamed so much of.

We contacted our adoption agency that same summer and I embraced everything adoption full-on.  We spent the following year's time switching me over from my past medication to my current one (we did it over one year so as to minimize withdrawal), getting me healthy again, saving up money for adopting (we were working on subdividing our property), we told our immediate families we were adopting but no one else, and we attended a free info night at our agency.  Also, I devoured adoption blogs like there was no tomorrow.

In the spring of 2012 when we finally went public with the news that we were adopting, and finally actually started the adoption process, I was super-eager to start my own adoption blog and start connecting with other bloggers, which I did.  I consider you my friends!

In the spring of 2013, on May 14, we were officially approved for domestic infant adoption.  We have now been waiting 1 1/4 years, and as far as we know we haven't been shown to anyone during that time.

How did you become part of the adoption world and where is your family at in their journey? - See more at:
How did you become part of the adoption world and where is your family at in their journey? - See more at:
How did you become part of the adoption world and where is your family at in their journey? - See more at:


  1. Thank you for your kind words Rhonda, and for joining my link-up!! I can't wait to read a blog post about your big call soon!!

  2. Hi from ICLW! I've always wanted to adopt, so I love reading other people's experiences with it. Thank you for sharing some of yours :)

    I also really love the shirts you and your husband are wearing!

  3. Hi from ICLW!
    I wish you so much luck and am hoping for success on your adoption journey. I hope you get matched very soon.

  4. Hello My name is Megan,

    A couple of my friends and I are in this group called "The Movement". The Movement is a group of high school kids who go around and do service projects for people in the midst of adoption or foster care. My group and I wondered if at all possible we might be able to follow your story?


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