Monday, June 16, 2014

Motherhood Month - 9

Progress:  1 year, 1 month, and 2 days

How I'm feeling:  Irritable, can't think clearly, down, anxious...I could go on.  But that's just hormones and will resolve itself yet.  Whenever my body decides to behave like normal.

Craving:  FOOD!!  I am hungry!  Lasagna would be nice.  (about those hormones...) 

Thoughts about our child:  Hoping you will exist and I'm not just dreaming this all up.

Thoughts about child's expectant mom:  Curious.  Always curious.

Most recent baby purchase/gift:  For Father's Day yesterday I gave my husband a onesie and matching shorts.  The onesie says "Daddy's Little Cupcake".  It's for a girl; even though we don't know if we will get a boy or a girl, I buy items for each, plus gender-neutral.  He loved it.

This month God:  Lately has felt far away.  I know that's just the hormones, though.  And feelings is not what this relationship is based upon anyway, thankfully!


  1. Very cute outfit! You are way farther along in the process than we are (we haven't technically started yet), but I can relate to many items on your list. Infant adoption involves so many question marks: Who? When? How? I hope you are matched soon.

  2. I agree with Davy in hoping you are matched soon! Adorable outfit! And I totally understand God feeling far away. I can't stand it, and always feel like I'm doing something wrong. You are right, though... feelings are not what our relationship with Him are all about. Praise the Lord! Sending love your way!


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