Saturday, May 3, 2014

1 Year Update

We had our one-year update on April 29, Tuesday. 

Basically we went in to our agency and met with an adoption counselor.  It was very relaxed and the three of us talked about where we were at in our lives now (no huge changes).  We gave her our criminal record checks (she already had our medical reports).  I had updated our Dear Birthparent letters so I gave her those, as well as new photos of us (just the main, nice photo that goes together with our letter).  This year our agency had changed one of their forms, which we had completed earlier, so we gave her that as well.  There was a little bit of other paperwork that we did there; nothing major.

We had not been shown in the last year.  I think that is fairly common for the first year, so we were not surprised.  We did end up making one change to our requirements that will open us up a lot more to being shown.  That is exciting!  Also, a year has passed, so we are now half way through the "average" waiting time, making things feel more hopeful.

We just continue to wait, seeing what God has in store for us.  This is an area where I am just starting to learn to be content with His will.  Ultimately, I want what He wants, and He knows best!

We found out we had a credit on our account which was awesome - we walked out of there without paying a dime of the $300 required for annual updates!

So now we are good to go for another year.


  1. A year of waiting is so bitter sweet. I swear to you that once that little one is in your arms you will forget the wait. :)

  2. The waiting is such a hard part, but you are now a year closer to holding your little baby. Keep strong xxx


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