Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"What to Respect" Project

A little while ago I heard about this "What to Respect When Not Expecting" project via this post on Kristen's Adoption Love blog

For those of us who are in the world of adoption and/or infant loss and/or infertility, we hear a lot from people.  People we know well, people we know only a little, people we don't know at all.  They say encouraging things, strange things, mean things.  Most everybody says something, and hardly anything they say doesn't have some affect on us.  After all, adoption, loss, and infertility are pretty major things, so we'll probably be pretty sensitive to anything you say.  Please choose your words as wisely as you can.

There is a lady named Rebekah and she is working on compiling a book with all the things people say.  To quote her, the purpose of the book is "to give those going through fertility challenges an assurance that there are people out there who get it, and to give friends and relatives of people going through it a gauge on what not to say".

Here is the link so you can learn more about it and so that you can contribute your hilarious, awful, sad, wonderful stories to the book as well! 

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