Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Most Popular Posts of 2015

Here are the top 10 blog posts you read most in 2015!

#10 -  Motherhood Month - 14  - A monthly post I, as an expectant adoptive mom, do similar to the ones expectant pregnant moms do to document their wait.

# 9 - Motherhood Month - 15 - I can't get over how cute that hat is and can't wait to see it on someone!

#8 - Giveaway! - Everyone should read this book!

#7 - Motherhood Month - 16 - Sharing my feelings of the wait.

#6 - Rough Day - We all have hard days as we wait for our arms to be filled with a little one.  This was one of mine.

#5 - His Steadfast Love is Clear - One of my favourite posts.  I find it encouraging reading back on it now - and I hope you do, too.

#4 - I'm Not Super Woman - Re-reading this was a good reminder for me that, "if I desire to be a woman that pleases God, I will most likely lose the desire to be "super woman"."

#3 - Mothers with Different Abilities - Kara - This is the personal, touching story of a woman who parents well, despite living with physical challenges.

#2 - Mothers with Different Abilities - Intro - The reasons behind this series.  Maybe you want to participate? :)


#1 - Ten Years!  - The post about my husband's and I wedding anniversary!  A walk-down-memory-lane timeline with pictures! 

Thanks for reading and sharing my life with me!

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