Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Motherhood Month - 19

Progress:  It's been a total of 2 years + 2 months + 2 days of actively waiting with our adoption agency. 

How I'm Feeling:  Ready.

Craving:  A hot dog (bun has to be toasted!).

Thoughts About Our Future Child:  I'm curious about you - your looks, your personality - and in general, just eager to meet you.  I'm curious to learn about the person you'll develop into, and what our relationship will be like.

Thoughts About Our Child's Expectant Mom:  I wonder where you are at in life right now, and if you're expecting already.  I wonder if you'll stay in our child's life or not, and what our relationship will be like.  I pray for you.

Most Recent Baby Purchase/Gift:  Nothing.  I overspent on my hubby's Christmas gift this year by accident (I didn't think to account for the exchange rate!) so I won't be getting him a gift for our baby like I usually do each year.

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