Friday, March 14, 2014

Motherhood Month - 6

I got this idea from Kristen over at Adoption Love who does Motherhood Mondays - well, I should say she did.  Her and her husband have since been blessed with their little "Squeaks" :)  Recently I came across someone else who documents time passing as a hopeful adoptive parent - Becca at Milk & Honey Living, who created Waiting Questionnaires.  So I might take a few ideas from her as well :)  The whole idea is that women who are pg sometimes document how their bodies, moods, etc are changing and this is a similar way for hopeful adoptive parents to document their journey.

Progress:  Today is 10 months since we started waiting for The Call.  The time has gone by faster than I thought it would which is good since we still have another 14 months before we hit our agency's average waiting time.  Of course we could get matched before tomorrow!...or it could be 5 more years from now!

How I'm feeling:  We are contemplating moving again (we've only lived here just over a year) and it kinda breaks my heart that most likely Baby will never be in the room I had painted a perfect soft yellow just for him or her.  But on the other hand, that room is the only other room we have besides our bedroom, so it is currently a scrapbooking/storage room.  So the idea of moving to a house with more bedrooms so that we can dedicate one solely to being a nursery is pretty exciting!

I've also had the feeling that comes over me on occasion, which is do you ever get the feeling we're just playing a big game?  that we'll never get a baby?  that all this "wishin', hopin', thinkin', prayin', plannin', dreamin'" is for nothing?  I guess it can just feel so not real at times.  Oddly enough I'm looking forward to updating our profile at the one-year mark, though, because it will make it feel as if something is happening again.

Cravings:  Pizza!!  I have it almost ready to go into the oven but I am waiting for Hubby to come home with some cheese!

Thoughts about our child:  Mostly just curious about your looks and personality like usual.  And always wondering how to raise you in this crazy world!

Thoughts about our child's expectant mom:  I guess there is just always that torn feeling that someone else's grief is going to be the cause of our joy - and that is such a hard pill to swallow.

Most recent baby purchase/gift:  I spur of the moment bought a lift-the-flap animal shadow book that was on sale at the grocery store.  Both Hubby & I love reading and we hope our child(ren) will, too.
Me reading as a child!  I believe this book was about Bambi and Thumper :)
This month God:  has been teaching me about being content & thankful and to desire His will (read my post about that here), about how I spend my time here on earth and what heaven will be like according to that, and how to love my husband better!

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  1. Love that you're continuing this! I will eventually start Motherhood Monday again, just gotta rework it a little ;)


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