Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Having a hard time believing...that our homestudy is so close to starting, and we are (hopefully) so close to being approved!

Thinking...I've caught myself thinking God might actually give us a baby.  We might be entrusted to care for a real, live miniature human being.  When these thoughts freak me out too much, I catch myself thinking But some people actually GROW humans INSIDE of them!!  Very freaky, lol!  You know you've been baby-less too long when you start thinking pregnancy itself is strange, haha!

Eating...just finished a homemade pepperoni, goat cheese, bacon, mushroom, green pepper pizza.  Well, not the whole thing.  I just ate half of it.

Thankful for...running into my friend Jaymi in the grocery store.  Her & her husband were waiting parents with the same agency my husband & I are going through, and then she got pregnant unexpectedly!  She's due in just over a month now.  I don't know many other people in real life who can truly understand this journey (really only my mom-in-law and my sis-in-law; I honestly can't think of any peers, per se) but Jaymi can.  It was soooooooo good to talk to her.  Okay, yeah, usually I avoid baby bumps like the plague, haha, so that part wasn't the easiest, but I'm sincerely happy for her.  It was really nice to talk to someone who thoroughly, genuinely, gets it.

Surprised by...how unstressed I am by the fact that we have 7 days until our homestudy starts and we still haven't completed everything that we need to.  Also we've borrowed a number of tools and saws and things for the renos on our house, and Hubby's parents need most of them back by tomorrow.  So we've had to put a hold on working on some adoption stuff so that Hubby can finish up some renos so that we can return the tools.  One of the saws my father-in-law brought here in his pickup and we're supposed to somehow return it in our vehicle.  Our new countertop got delivered today and we discovered that the lady in charge completely forgot to order our island countertop - OOPS.  I'm surprised how unstressed I am by all this...maybe that should worry me, haha! 

Making me happy...Our house is coming together very nicely.  As soon as it gets finished up more (after the homestudy) I want to post before & after pictures for y'all to see!!


  1. If you can be unstressed during home renos and home study you are going to be a fantastic mom! It means you are ready ;). You will need that calm when you have tried 50 million things and the baby is still crying. Can't wait to hear about the home study (btw I started a new blog ourfamilysfingerprints.blogspot.com)

  2. You have a lot going on, but all good stuff! Very exciting stuff!

  3. Good luck with your home study! How awesome and exciting that it is all starting! Hope you have a little one placed with you in no time :)


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