Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Tomorrow is our Initial Interview & Application Appointment at Adoption Options.  I am excited & nervous!  Both Hubby & I have been pretty calm and not thinking or worrying much about it, but now that it is the evening before, I suddenly got hit with the excitement & nervousness!  I do feel, what's the word?  Like a rookie, I guess.  Like, I read SO many adoption blogs, and for the majority of them, the couples are long past the stage we're in, and have been waiting a long time already for The Call.  So, bear with me in my naivete.  For now, let me enjoy the newness & excitement of it all :)


  1. You already know far more then the average citizen about adoption I promise you that! Enjoy the process!

  2. Hello! I saw your blog in LFCA and wanted to wish you a warm welcome to the blogging world. Best of wishes to you in the adoption process!


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